Month 13 - May 2022

Sometimes the fabric arrives and it is just sooo much cuter than I anticipated! This is how I feel with this month's club pack - I love how the colors pop and the happy vibes of each design. It reminds me of simpler days... of grilling and relaxing with friends and family... when our biggest concern was how to find the best seat for the firework show.  

Included in your pack

This month you received 6 different summer bbq themed designs:

  1. BBQ Mash-Up
  2. Firework Show
  3. Cocktails 
  4. Summer Nights
  5. Watermelons
  6. Ants Go Marching

I also included a summer fruit sticker and 1 yard of 1/4 inch elastic for this months recommended pattern below! 

Recommended Pattern -

"DIY Elastic Dish Covers"
by Shabby Fabrics

Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough about these dish covers! They were so quick to make - I sewed up three different sizes in an hour. And, I LOVE when a pattern is "useful"! These covers are the perfect addition to an outside picnic or BBQ. Our family loves to eat at the picnic table during the summer, but the pesky flys and bees are always a nuisance. With these covers, we can enjoy our outside picnics and quit swatting at flies and screaming because a bee buzzed our food (if you have children, you know!)

These covers are double-sided and finished (no exposed seams). You can easily make several out of a couple of fat quarters... And, oh yeah... when your picnic is over? Just throw these bad boys in the wash! Whoop whoop! 

Here are a few things I noticed while making the covers - 

  • The hardest part for me was figuring out how to cut the circle, but after I did t the first one, the next two were a cinch! 
  • The tutorial uses a 1/2" seam allowance! Yes, I said that right... 1/2"!!! This is because you need a bigger space to fit the elastic through. 
  • I used less elastic than was suggested in the video. I think it is all dependent on how stretchy your elastic is and the fit that you'd like over your dish. 
  • The video suggested to hand-sew the final seam closed... ha, I did not. I ABSOLUTELY used my machine, and you can too!

Shabby Fabrics Tutorial

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