Month 14 – June 2022

This month's prints are fun, yet totally unique from previous months. The colors remind me of a refreshing sorbet. I hope that as the world starts opening up again, you are able to wander… visit friends, family and see the sites that we’ve missed over the last few years. Cheers to adventures!

Included in your pack:
This month you received 6 coordinating designs –

  1. World Wonders
  2. See the World
  3. Wander the World
  4. Teal Floral Fun
  5. Travel Boss
  6. Lime Floral Stripe

I also included a few travel stickers and a metal luggage tag for when you hit the road!

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Recommended Pattern – "Groovy Cases" by Spencer Ogg

Have you ever tried a pattern by Spencer Ogg? Diane is such a pleasure to watch on her tutorials and I find her patterns so easy to follow.

I thought a sunglasses case would be the perfect recommendation for this month’s pattern! We all need a sunglass (or eye glasses) case to take with us when we travel. Why not make a fun one out of this month’s prints?

This pattern is a FREE download and Diane even has a quick YouTube tutorial in case you get stuck! I love the quickness and simplicity of this pattern… let me know how you like it!


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