Month 24 - April 2023

This month's fabrics are all about self care and being kind to yourself! Mental health means a lot to me, and I was excited to feature it as this month's theme. I find sewing to be therapeutic and calming. I hope you will use these fabrics and take some time for yourself this month, whether that is through crafting or otherwise! 

The featured graphic artist this month is one of my faves, Cass from PixelCass Designs! You can find a link to her shop below. (Fun Fact: Cass also designed my logo!) PixelCassDesigns 

Included in your pack:

This month you received 6 coordinating designs. Click the links below to be directed to the leftover retail!

Love Yourself
Love Yourself Butterflies
You Are Enough
Enough Hives
Be Kind To Your Mind
Be Kind Flowers

The recommended pattern this month is the Fabric Book Cover Pattern from Studio 7t7. I thought this would be a great feature for our "Be Kind To Your Mind" theme since journaling and reading are popular self-care habits. If you have not had the pleasure of watching one of Emma's tutorials, you need to do so immediately! All of Emma's patterns are easy to follow and I just know you are going to fall in love with her and the unique designs she creates!

Fabric Book Cover Pattern by Studio 7t7

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