Month 28 - August 2023

And just like that, Fall is nearly here! This is easily my favorite time of year, leading into the holiday season. Usually around this time our family begins discussing Halloween costumes and how we want to decorate the house. These "Tricks and Treats" designs are putting me in the spooky mood! I want to have a Pumpkin Spice drink and decorate my house NOW! 

The featured graphic artist this month is PhantasiaDesign
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This month you received 6 coordinating designs: 
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Scary Jacks
Halloween Plaid
Spooky Treats
Halloween Diamonds
Web Tricks
Candy Stash

Simple Drawstring Bag

The recommended pattern this month is a quick sew that was really fun and fulfilling to make! It is a simple drawstring (cinch) bag with tutorial by Carolina Stefano. I thought the way this bag cinches up makes it look just like a little fat pumpkin! I plan to make a bunch of these cinch bags to hold candy and give out as treats to family and friends this spooky season!

Find the quick tutorial below: Simple Drawstring Bag You can customize the bag to your preferred size. I used a pizza pan to trace and cut out the circle for my bag. My circle was about 18" in diameter, which made a good sized cinch bag - just enough to hold a few handfuls of candy! I have also seen these bags used to collect Legos, hold crayons, game dice, and more! 

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