Month 30 - October 2023


Let's have a Gingerbread Party!! ❤️ Holiday baking is all I want to do these days. These gingerbread people are definitely putting me in the mood for the Christmas season! 

The featured graphic artist this month is again Nikki from Periwinkle & Onyx! I love that these designs are multidirectional and have so many projects lined up for these Gingerbread cuties! 

You can find all of Nikki's artwork here:
Periwinkle & Onyx
This month you received 6 coordinating designs: 

Gingerbread People
Candy and Gumdrops
Gingerbread Icing
Gingerbread Stripes
Christmas Stripes
Gingerbread Party

The recommended pattern this month is the Ruffled Apron by Shabby Fabrics. At first I was intimidated by the ruffle on the apron hem but the tutorial made it simple to put together. This apron came together so quickly and I love how it showcases four of the six club designs! 

Find the pattern and tutorial below: Ruffled Apron by Shabby Fabrics

But wait... there's more! Don't forget to use the "Oh Snap" Gingerbread tags by Heartwood + Hide Co. I just couldn't resist including these in the club packs this month! All of their tags are so cute, head on over to the website below to check them all out! Heartwood + Hide Co.

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