Month 33 - January 2024

Happy New Year! I am ready to chillax after the holiday season craziness. I thought these designs and color palate were the perfect soothing vibes. Also included, in your packs are a “Peace & Calming” tea bag from Genavieve at Thunderbird Handcrafted. It's been so cold here in Oregon that a cup of tea is becoming an evening habit... and not one I'm willing to break! Drinking this blend is like getting a warm hug, and who doesn't love warm hugs?! 

The featured graphic artist this month is once again Rachael from Rae Culver Seamless. Rachael was also featured in the "Santa Mail" packs in November, 2023. I fell in love with these designs as soon as I saw them and I hope you love them as well! 

Check all of Rachael's designs here
Rae Culver Seamless

This month you received 6 coordinating designs. Select the links below to purchase retail. 
Crayon Floral Garden
Green Crayon Stripes
Yellow Crayon Floral
Yellow Crayon Dots
Pink Crayon Floral
Multicolor Crayon Stripes

The recommended pattern this month is the "Jot It Down" notebook cover by K. Dill Handmade. Journaling is such a therapeutic process but why not make a pretty cover to remind yourself how fabulous you are? It is a quick sew pattern and can be altered to fit an iPad or tablet too! Kathy’s pattern is easy to follow and her tutorials are ALWAYS great resources! I have made two of these handy notebook covers and plan on making many more. Use the coupon code in your club packs and get the pattern for 25% off through February 29, 2024! 

Check out all the fabulous patterns from Kathy here
K. Dill Handmade

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