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Swiftie TTPD Light (retail)

Swiftie TTPD Light (retail)

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  • Cotton Woven Fabric – Digitally printed on 100% Cotton with 150 GSM. A medium-weight and durable cotton. 57/58” wide.
  • Poly Waterproof Canvas - Digitally printed on 100% polyester with a 260 GSM weight, this versatile, waterproof fabric features a plain weave that mimics the look and feel of canvas. It drapes beautifully, is more durable than cotton canvas, and is easy to clean. Additionally, the colors are incredibly vibrant on this fabric base.
  • Cotton Waterproof Canvas - Digitally printed on 100% cotton with a 250 GSM weight, this versatile and waterproof fabric is perfect for bags. It's firm and resistant to folding, giving your bags great structure. Plus, it's more durable than cotton canvas and easy to clean. Additionally, the colors are incredibly vibrant on this fabric base.
  • Cotton Canvas - Digitally printed on 100% cotton with a 250 GSM weight, this fabric is firm, resistant to folding, and very durable—perfect for making bags. It’s also 57/58” wide.
  • Smooth Vinyl– Digitally printed on 70% PVC, 30% Polyester **Due to the nature of digital printing, the color/pigment on Vinyl may appear different / darker than on other fabric bases.**

What the heck is “GSM”?
GSM is a metric measurement that tells us how much 1 square meter of fabric weighs. It means “grams per square meter”. The higher the GSM, the denser (or heavier) the fabric will be.
Fabrics considered “lightweight” is usually between 30-150 GSM like linen and cotton woven. “Medium-weight” fabrics usually range between 150-350 GSM like sateen, velvet, and knits. “Heavy-weight” fabrics are generally higher than 350 GSM and include types like upholstery fabric, canvas, and denim.



Pre-Orders begin on the 3rd Friday of each month and run for 10 days.

Turnaround time to ship to purchasers is usually 4-6 weeks from the close of pre-order. Occasionally, delays happen and are communicated through the MLS email list and on the MLS Facebook Group

Ready to Ship

Ready to Ship fabrics will ship as soon as possible after orders are submitted, usually 2-5 days after the order is received by My Little Shindig.

Carriers & Methods

USPS First Class Shipping does not carry insurance. USPS Priority Mail carries up to $50 insurance. Please be aware of these shipping options when completing your order. My Little Shindig Fabric Factory does not accept responsibility for lost packages by the USPS and recommends purchasing insurance for your order.

Refunds & Returns

At My Little Shindig Fabric Factory, our designs and fabric go through several quality checks during production and prior to shipping. We are committed to providing unique, high quality custom fabrics. Please look over your fabrics when you receive them and contact us directly at with any issues within 14 days of receiving your package.

Due to the nature of custom digital fabric printing, we can only refund your order or accept a return if the fabric has a printing flaw that originated with the printer. Please inspect your items; once received, you have up to 14 days to contact me regarding flaws or shortage. Minor flaws under 1” inch that do not affect the fabric appearance are not refundable.

We will either issue a partial refund for your yardage or accept the fabric back for a full refund, less a 30% restocking fee. If the order was paid via PayPal, please contact me first before filing a claim with PayPal.

Due to the custom nature of the product, we cannot guarantee that we will have yardage in stock to replace your original order.

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